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Amidst The American Dreams

What is it? Where does it come from? And, what's the price for it?

Life is a string of pearls strung to answer us. Each pearl, a trial. Each trial, the price for that understanding. Here is a journey of a love perfected, a True Love. The most coveted and most misunderstood of desires.

In the wake of the turbulent sixties, Steve and Sue stand together in their faith of such a ""GIFT"". Drawing strength from each other, they face each whirlwind sent to destroy its completeness.

Here, at the very center of our American Dreams, you'll find what it really means to tell someone ""I Love You"". It's the trials that transform a 'You' and an 'I' into an 'Us'.

Theirs was a Heart born to follow a dream, with a Love strong and willing enough to pay the price for it."



Author:Stephan James Gathings. Born in Newark, New Jersey. Made numerous trips across the country by motorcycle, bus, hitchhiking and tractor-trailer. "Our world is full of unlimited wonders! Embark!---And just pick a star to follow! The voyage alone is worth risks." has been his life's motto. He enjoys the outdoors, especially the woods, the mountains and the Jersey shore. Other interests include performing magic, studying human nature, history & legends. Writes poetry and fiction, main themes are about love and the life-changing adventures to be found in engaging life daily.
Besides being a novelist, poet and playwright he has known and explored many careers:
Auto mechanic, security officer (all aspects), Gen. Manager of a major amusement Park and a Game stand owner/operator for over 5 years, a cross country tractor-trailer driver, co-owner of a magic shop & hiring out as a magical performer. An actor while in college, an owner/operator chimney sweep, a bar-room bouncer, a snack food owner/operator route driver, and many other diverse occupations, including his favorite of being a loving husband and a father. All of these, and many more, have given him nearly unlimited experiences and insights into human nature and the possibilities that life has to offer. More than enough material to write enthralling tales that any reader can relish, for he has lived them himself and knows how to speak from the heart and soul.
Some of his personal favorite quotes include:

'Love is to the soul what breath is to the body and without either, there is no life in us.' ---S.J. Gathings

'A story that you just can't put down is then a story worth the telling.'---S.J. Gathings

'To say that we have LIVED, is first to have shown that we had an unbridled passion for LIFE.---Stephan James Gathings

'I am over sixty years young and have only just begun. The riches I have been blessed with so far are eternal treasures of the heart. They will outlive me through my writings, and I hope they continue to inspire others TO LIVE with the same passion.'---S.J. Gathings