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 I am a writer. My writing is done first for myself. It is my form of expressing the need to be a creative being. If as a reader you find it entertaining. insightful and inspiring then thank you for your purchase, time and interest, as well as your appreciation of this art. The kind of readership-following I am seeking are people who understand the true value of a literary work. Who have a deep appreciation when sharing in a life-engaging experience by living it through the written word. True works of literature are enjoyed with each reread. If you are looking for a believable story with characters you can love, maybe even identify with, then may I humbly invite you come walk with me now 'Amidst The American Dreams'.---S.J. Gathings

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Larry Potillo

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The sole purpose of sending this book to print was to share his belief that True Love does exist. That it is one of the greatest experiences one can ever hope to know in their lives.
"Love is to the soul what breath is to the body, and without either there is no life in us." ---S.J.G.
"Amidst the American Dreams is the journey of a love perfected.  I wrote it as the characters told it to me. It is 'Their Story' and I thank them for sharing it with us." ---S.J.Gathings
He attended both Morris County and Sussex County Community Colleges in New Jersey as a liberal arts major.
First poem ‘Hero #...’ was published in the anthology ‘A Vision, A Verse’ back in 1979. More followed in other anthologies during the eighties and nineties.
S. C. C. College published his short story ‘A game of pool’ in its literary magazine ‘The Idiom’ in the spring of 1994.
During 1993-1994, he also wrote, directed, and acted in two plays. ‘The Patient in room 2-A’ was for the A.I.D.S. Awareness program at S. C. C. College and the New Jersey Collegiate Consortium for health and education. The second was ‘Behind the Door’. This one offered the audience an experience in self-discovery by his using an non-traditional style of play writing.
Influences have been poet Richard Brautigan, ‘The Thief of Baghdad (The quest for the Blue Rose), and the play ‘The Man of La Mancha’.
Native-born in New Jersey, he now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with his precious gift of a wife Julianna. They have two sons. The oldest is an I. T. tech, a volunteer fireman in Morristown, N.J., and is schooling & apprenticing as a commercial, master-plumbing general  contractor. The younger is now stationed in the Navy as a MM-Petty Officer. Stephan has certification as a Commercial Recreational Specialist and works as a service agent for Enterprise.
Certificate of Achievement from the SCCC AIDS DRAMA PROGRAM.